Glossary for Glass and Glazing terms

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A wearing, grinding or rubbing away by friction.

abrasion resistance

The inherent ability of a coating or substrate to resist degradation or destruction by friction.

acid etching

The process of decorating glass, which involves the application of hydrofluoric acid to the glass surface.

acid polishing

A process used in the production of cut crystal to remove the opacity of etched surfaces where decoration has been applied. Items to be polished are immersed in a mixture of demineralized water, sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and then rinsed. There may be a single short immersion in a stronger solution, or a series of immersions in a weaker solution.




adhesion, intercoat

The ability of coatings to adhere one to another.

adhesion, intracoat

The ability of a coating film to maintain its internal integrity without separating or layering.

adhesion, mechanical

Attachment of a coating film to a surface by molecular attraction without altering the coated surface.

air line

An elongated bubble in glass.

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